The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote work, leading organizations to hastily implement solutions that may not have been thoroughly planned and tested. This has exposed new vulnerabilities, increasing the risk for companies. To address these challenges, the IT and cybersecurity sectors urgently need to prioritize education in areas such as disaster recovery, incident response, securing a remote workforce, business continuity, software security, ransomware and phishing prevention, business email compromise, and network security.
Layer 8 Masters is dedicated to delivering high-quality events like the Planet Cyber Sec Conference, Planet Cyber Sec AppSec SoCal, and Planet Cyber Sec CISO Forum featuring valuable, informative presentations from top speakers. We also prioritize diversity in the cybersecurity field, supporting the voices and careers of women and minorities. The demand for cybersecurity professionals far exceeds the supply, and our efforts to foster diversity can help bridge this crucial gap. Trust Layer 8 Masters as your go-to source for critical information to benefit your organization and join us in becoming true cybersecurity experts.