As the New World has emerged, with COVID forcing a more remote workforce, organizations have been rushed into solutions that have not been thoroughly planned and tested, resulting in new attack vectors which are creating new risks for companies.

The Information Technology and CyberSecurity communities are in dire need of more education in the field of CyberSecurity, including Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, securing a remote workforce, Business Continuity, software security, protection against ransomware and phishing, business email compromise, and network security.

Layer 8 Masters is here to help, as we provide high quality events like
Planet Cyber Sec Conference. We will not waste your time with marketing talks, but will instead challenge you with new and relevant information from awesome speakers.

Layer 8 Masters has also been committed to helping ensure diversity in the field, ensuring women and minorities have a voice, and are supported. There is a huge gap in the need of CyberSecurity professionals and the number of available professionals. Our ongoing work to support diversity can also help fill this crucial gap.
Layer 8 Masters will soon become your go-to source for the best place to find key information to help you at your organization. We all want to be Layer 8 Masters !